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You Flayed my Thin Skin, but I Still Won’t be Your Pumpkin Doll

                      I realize this title is pretty wild. I’ll get to that part soon, I promise! I recently participated in a big art fair. I was skeptical about doing so. Large events are not part of my comfort zone. However, the producer of the show,… read more

What…This Old Thing?

“What…This Old Thing? ” oil on canvas, 8X 20 inches.   Why is it so difficult for most women to accept a compliment? No matter how hard we work, or how much a part of ourselves our accomplishments are, we (Many of us) seem to have difficulty claiming these accomplishments as our own. I have… read more

“Could There be Something Missing?”

    This photo shows the progression of one of my recent paintings titled “Could There be Something Missing?” This is a 24×48 oil painting on canvas. The image to the far right is the finished piece. This happens to be a self portrait. I started out this piece contemplating areas in which  I could… read more

Carnival Tricks, Series

                            This is my latest little series, “Carnival Tricks.”  It is just a fun series, experimenting with new painting techniques and figure distortions. The first piece I call “Backbend.” The second is “Handwalker aka  Moonrise.” And the third is “Up and Over.”… read more

“Uptight” and “Fitting In”

In these two paintings, I am exploring themes of feeling uncomfortable in one’s own skin. I think we are all familiar with these feelings, so, considering the titles, these two pieces are pretty self-explanatory. This first piece, in yellow, is titled “Uptight” it is 10 inches square, oil on canvas board.     The second… read more

Battle Scars

This painting is titled “Battle Scars” it is 10x 20 inches, oil on stretched canvas. I revisited a familiar theme in this piece, which was depicting inner trauma in a physical way.       What if our inner scars showed up on the outside? How would we look? If we could see the trials… read more

Parceled Out

   This is a painting titled “Parceled Out” it is 8×20 inches, oil on canvas. What I had in mind while working on this piece was the fact that so many of us are so busy in our lives. We are over-committed, usually to all worthy causes, but maybe we feel we are headed in… read more

Fish Out of Water

I just finished this new piece today!   I am titling this one “Fish Out of Water.” It is oil on fabric, stretched in a 24 inch embroidery hoop. The hoops are something I have just recently gotten into. I like that they allow me to experiment with oval and circle shaped paintings, but in… read more