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What…This Old Thing?

by Kelly Shoemaker in Miscellaneous

“What…This Old Thing? ” oil on canvas, 8X 20 inches.
Why is it so difficult for most women to accept a compliment? No matter how hard we work, or how much a part of ourselves our accomplishments are, we (Many of us) seem to have difficulty claiming these accomplishments as our own. I have a few theories as to why this is. 
One, we have been taught that it is impolite or boastful to admit our own success. 
Two, we have conditioned ourselves to be prepared for disappointment, and simply don’t know how to respond when confronted with praise.
Three, we want everyone to think our successes came to us easily, that we are so accomplished and skilled we hardly had to exert any effort at all to achieve the desired results. 
Whatever the reason, I think it is important for women in particular to think about their response to a compliment before responding. Let’s re-condition ourselves. Claim that success, it’s yours, and you worked damn hard for it. Be prepared for positive responses to your work, and just say “Thank you” with no conditions attached. You’ve earned it.
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