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“Could There be Something Missing?”

by Kelly Shoemaker in Miscellaneous
This photo shows the progression of one of my recent paintings titled “Could There be Something Missing?” This is a 24×48 oil painting on canvas. The image to the far right is the finished piece. This happens to be a self portrait. I started out this piece contemplating areas in which  I could be lacking. Do I lack compassion? Knowledge? The ability to see things from another perspective?
It could also be taken more literally. As an artist, I often struggle with knowing when a painting is finished. Does it say enough without being overly busy?
Also, I find irony in the fact that I first included the arm in this painting, but I didn’t like the look of it, so I painted it out. I missed it after it was gone. It felt like there was in fact “something missing,” so I painted it back in again; The whole process of which goes nicely with the title! If you notice, I also started this piece with only one leg, but ended up with two. The piece seemed to lack balance without it. (No pun intended!)
So, I suppose this painting is primarily about self contemplation, taking a step back and seeing your own flaws, using your knowledge of those flaws to make improvements as you move forward. But, as I often do with my paintings, it also explores irony and literal meaning as well.
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James Walton, thanks so much. Your insight is truly inspiring!
Good post. Thanks for sharing with us. I just loved your way of presentation. enjoyed reading this .Thanks for sharing and keep writing. It is good to read blogs like this. As constantly, we appreciate yourself assurance and accept as true within us.
James Walton

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