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“Uptight” and “Fitting In”

by Kelly Shoemaker in Miscellaneous
In these two paintings, I am exploring themes of feeling uncomfortable in one’s own skin. I think we are all familiar with these feelings, so, considering the titles, these two pieces are pretty self-explanatory. This first piece, in yellow, is titled “Uptight” it is 10 inches square, oil on canvas board.
The second piece, in pink, is titled “Fitting In” and is also oil on canvas board, 10 inches square. 
I tried something a little different than my usual technique with these two pieces, and I love the results. I started with a really bright single color underpainting, then used more neutral tones in the overpainting, but allowed the underpainting to show through, and provide the majority of the color in the piece. I enjoyed this process, and the result, I think, is great. 
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