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Parceled Out

by Kelly Shoemaker in Miscellaneous

 This is a painting titled “Parceled Out” it is 8×20 inches, oil on canvas. What I had in mind while working on this piece was the fact that so many of us are so busy in our lives. We are over-committed, usually to all worthy causes, but maybe we feel we are headed in too many directions to give our full attention or effort in each area of our lives. We have children, spouses, schools, careers, extended family, friends, community work, our own health and well-being, so many areas of our lives needing our attention. I do find the colors in this painting particularly soothing, in contrast to the disturbing figure in the painting. Maybe the un-cluttered background  in those peaceful colors represents that moment of quiet we occasionally find to collect our thoughts and gather courage.
Another thing I wanted to talk about with this painting was the progression of a painting. You may have noticed the two pictures I included. The first was about half way through the process, and at that point I was thinking, “This is a solid idea, but it doesn’t look very good. Oh well, if this one doesn’t turn out, I can maybe try another.” But, after adding the color, highlights, shadows, and details, I am really happy with this painting. A wonderful painter friend of mine, Sarah Creason , once reassured me that a painting can look pretty awful right up to the point when it is finished, and those final brushstrokes can make all the difference. She was so right.
This sounds to me like an inspirational message for life as well. Keep in mind as we are running around, trying to keep all those commitments we make, that the end goal is in sight, and it’s probably worth the effort.
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