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Fish Out of Water

by Kelly Shoemaker in Miscellaneous
I just finished this new piece today!   I am titling this one “Fish Out of Water.” It is oil on fabric, stretched in a 24 inch embroidery hoop. The hoops are something I have just recently gotten into. I like that they allow me to experiment with oval and circle shaped paintings, but in a less expensive format than pre-stretched canvas in those shapes. I also have a great respect for needle arts, a traditional “women’s” art form that I have very  little experience with, but  has been a large part of our past, and a long-standing way for women to express themselves while also creating useful items. I love pairing a reminder  of traditional art from the past with the crazy, modern graphics of my  own paintings, a play on women’s art, then and now.  
As for the figure in this painting, I am pleased with the way some areas of the anatomy read as true to the eye, although the complete figure is ridiculously out of skew from real anatomy. Also, her twisting body is reminiscent of a “Strong-man’s” arm. I think this gal, though she is out of her element, and feels very awkward, is still fighting for composure and dignity, which in my book, equals great strength. You will soon be able to find this piece for sale at
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